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Add Stadium People to Your Next RFP

As you and your team examine the many solutions available for your next Event Staffing or Security RFP, you will find Stadium People not only checks your critical requirements, but our unique and proven strategies for recruiting and training staff have made us the best fit for countless venues like yours since 2009.

Browse this site by section to see our staff and services come to life at venues just like yours with training content, recruitment process, uniforms and more about the types of staff we can provide.

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Corporate Info

Learn where we came from and why Stadium People is the best bet for your venue.

Who is Stadium People and why us for your venue?


Founded in 1995 to provide staffing across over a dozen verticals in the United States


Entered the Crowd Management industry in 2009 with over 100 venues today


Financially backed by one of the largest employer organizations in the U.S. with locations across seven states and growing...

Training Videos and Content

Our video content is a key element in the overall training experience. Staff are introduced to the required skills of ticket scanning, ushering, guest services, bag screening and security procedures, as well as venue amenities and locations, as well as key emergency preparedness topics Our extensive media library allows us to continue educating staff by pushing topics to their mobile devices.

Stadium People Orientation
New staff will become familiar with the Stadium People work experience and learn the basics of Event Staff job duties

Stadium People Event Staff Training
We introduce our staff here to the basics of Ushering, Ticket Scanning and Guest Directional Assistance