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Stadium People New Hire Training

Welcome to Stadium People, one of the largest and fastest-growing Event Staffing companies in the United States. Our training videos below are designed to give you an introduction to working in the events industry and ensure you come to your first event with some solid basic knowledge of how to perform your job the first day. While you will learn more on your first day from your team, this is a great start to your journey with us.

Stadium People Orientation
New staff will become familiar with the Stadium People work experience and learn the basics of Event Staff job duties

Stadium People Event Staff Training
We introduce our staff here to the basics of Ushering, Ticket Scanning and Guest Directional Assistance

Stadium People Guest Services
Here staff will discover the importance of the Guest Experience and their role in bringing events to life

Stadium People Access Management
Our staff will become familiar with guest screening methods, such as bag checks, wanding, magnetometer processing and more